Web Design

Websites have become an extremely vital tool these days for all kinds of businesses worldwide; we at ESOS design top-notch responsive sites with much care given to every single detail from information, architecture, content, to color and typography.

We believe that an effective and beautiful website is a game changer, so we do our best to turn your needs into a real dynamic website.

We also aim to improve the usability and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and your product, which basically serves our main goal to provide a professional UX, E-commerce, or any other online service.

Our responsive web design techniques allow the website to provide an optimal experience on any device it is being accessed from.

This means that your website should look and function flawlessly for any user whether accessed by a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or a smart phone.

We also create beautifully engaging experiences for your users, with whom we aim to have a closer bond and to always keep them totally updated with your offers, leading them to be your permanent customers.

We do this by fully researching your users before prototyping the website. Furthermore, we value the importance of working on the content hierarchy with you, in order to define how the content should be structured.

Consequently, we intertwine all data creating the most enjoyable user experience.

Systems (CMS)

We at ESOS strongly believe that some businesses face a lot of difficulties while keeping their websites up to date. This might cause a serious problem for their customers if the content was not updated or did not fulfill their needs. Hence, the interest in CMS – or a ‘Content Management System’ – has clearly increased.

This technique offers you the chance to manage the content of your website without any previous training. It is basically built to assist you in adding, deleting, and/or editing the content of your website in a very simple way.

Moreover, infinite number of pages and a full site-search engine are being offered.


ESOS knows the real importance of E-commerce for online merchants from all over the globe. Architecting an E-commerce business, which enables high-end transactions along with a perfect online shopping experience to customers.

Hence, we aim to provide a flawlessly working website that impresses its users, and offers them any assistance they might need.

Custom Web Development

ESOS plans to maintain a perfect development for your website once the design is finished and published online.
Our techniques are based on creating working systems that imitates the finished design with semantic codes.
We will also offer you the chance to test the website’s functionality and figure out any bugs before publishing it online.